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Welcome to I Like Airsoft.com,

I began this site mainly because I enjoy milsim (military simulation) Airsoft.  I will post many random things involving Airsoft in my local community and abroad.  I want others to be involved with this blog as well, drop me a line if you have any cool news, videos or reviews happening with Airsoft in your neck of the woods and ill post it here.

I am based in Utah and play with several Airsoft groups, I havent played in about a year and a half but have rejoined the ranks since my stint for about two years with the British Black Watch team, we would also wear digital Cadpat DPM’s based from the Canadian Army uniforms.

Airsoft is allot of fun and weather your just getting into it and/or a seasoned veteran; people are normally pretty welcoming in most arenas that I have seen, that’s another big reason I enjoy Airsoft.  If you happen to be a Utah local, here are a few groups to look into, some of them play every weekend! Black Thorn Airsoft, Utah County Airsoft, Just For Fun Airsoft.

– Green

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