A New Field – Just For Fun Airsoft

On Saturday March 26, 2011 Just for fun Airsoft hosted a day of Airsoft games at a newly established field in northern Utah. It was an action packed and fun filled day on two different areas of the field beginning with a “Toss the Bazooka” over the cement barrier which at first was quite a feat with the defending team having the higher ground, eventually a weak side of the map presented itself that lead to wins on both teams, so everyone was pretty happy about that.

Then we played a few series of games using foam heads with root beer cans fixed to them as an assassination type objective for both sides. The third and final series of games not shown in this video was a “Save Fuzzy” game similar to Halo’s Oddball where only secondary zero minimum distance weapons were used, it was a free for all where holding the stuffed toy bear was the objective, once shot the bear stayed where the player went down, to avoid instantly being shot a five second rule was in place, it was funny to hear everyone counting slowly to five as the one person with the bear fired back at other players and darted for cover. More info on this and other Airsoft games hosted by the JFFA can be found on their website: http://www.justforfunairsoft.com

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