I Like Airsoft.com Featured Player – MAJOR

This week I am trying something a little new with the player of the week category, for one I’m re-naming it to featured player so that I can save myself a little embarrassment when I miss a week of featuring someone in a video, but I do plan on trying to cover someone out there in the field each week that I go.  I typically look for enthusiasm about the game, cool gear, load-outs, whatever catches my eye and is just plain cool.  This weeks featured Airsoft player: MAJOR



Here are a few questions and answers that appear on the Just For Fun Airsoft website:
Matt, Call sign: MAJOR.
Age: 29
Locaiton: Provo
Q: How long have you been playing airsoft?
A: 8 Years
Q: What is your primary weapon(s)?
A: Tokyo Marui M14
Q: How often would you like to play?
A: Bi-weekly
Q: What are your favorite things about airsoft?
  • Getting shot
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Good company
  • Shooting people
  • Military simulation (Milsim)
Q: Magazine type preference
A: Mid-cap


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