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Hi all, it’s my 10th blog since I started ilikeairsoft.com, yay!

I wanted to focus this blog on safety, all too often these days I have been seeing safety practices sort of thrown out the window when it comes to playing airsoft, I know that its not always convenient to properly cover up and possibly be hot or uncomfortable during an intense skirmish, however, the outcome sometimes ends up like this: “Oops one of my front teeth was just chipped in half by a bb”.  I hope I wouldn’t even need to mention eye protection, that means wearing proper poly carbonate ANSI approved, shatter proof safety glasses, these can be found at many different places such as a hardware store, auto repair store, airsoft sport stores and of course online, I don’t know of any airsoft organization or team that allows anyone to play without them.  “Ah, but my goggles always fog up when I cover my mouth”, an easy answer to this complaint are wire mesh goggles and glasses, personally I wear both.  I refuse to have any chipped or broken teeth, I spend enough money on my teeth as it is.  It takes just a little intuitiveness to find a nice combination of things to wear that equates to proper safety, I for one find Shemaghs very nice for covering my entire head, not only is it great camouflage but it significantly decreases velocity on flying airsoft bbs.

TMC wire mesh half mask

Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen4 Metal Mesh Full Face Mask

TMC V.2 strike mesh face mask







In the past few years I have noticed some great advancements in the protection arena that have made for more comfort and ease.  Wire mesh mouth guards and face masks are light weight and strong enough to stop airsoft bbs and there are so many options from full face all the way down to a simple mouth guard.  Teeth guards that boxers and UFC fighters use are a good way to go if the other options just wont work for you.  Let’s neutralize any possible dangers in airsoft that give those who may complain any firepower to shut us down.

Okay, ill tell you the weird odds that happen to me, I completely cover up, my face, eyes hands, everything except for the way I tied the shemagh around my head had left the very smallest part of my ear exposed and if you would believe it, the first hit I received was in that half inch target, IT HAPPENS!

Bottom line; I will always cover up in an airsoft game for the fact that in the off chance I get my tooth knocked out and with games I have been frequenting; chronographing’ hasn’t been happening as much as it possibly should be and those shooting above 400fps may not know minimum engagement distances, just because they don’t always sting doesn’t mean they wont take out a tooth.  A tip for those not covering up, keep your mouth closed in battles where you are currently engaging someone or being engaged.

Airsoft wounds

Airsoft wounds

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