Outer Barrel Issues

Recently my cousin and I (Soap) were changing out the flash hider tip on his mostly new KWA KM4A CQB for a SOCOM style silencer, which gives you that really cool look on your airsoft rifle.  He told me he was having a little trouble unscrewing the tip off the end of the Barrel, I told him there was a very small Alan key screw on the underside of the flash hider that basically locks it on there.

So we unscrewed the mini Alan bolt out of the flash hider and removed it completely just to make sure it wasn’t holding on to any threads as we go to UN-thread the attachment.  So, going in the correct clockwise direction we both tried twisting the tip off by hand, but that wasn’t working, so we got some tools involved.  A crescent wrench was employed to budge the non complying piece, a quick smooth turn and we found it freed from the rest of the gun; however I noticed that it had severed the flash hider tip and a one inch piece of the outer barrel-from the rest of the outer barrel and had done it surprisingly all too easy.  On closer inspection I found that the outer barrel seemed to be held together by a smaller weaker looking silverish’ tube which was the culprit in the instance of sheering off, interesting, not as strong as I thought it would be.

KWA M4 CQB Broken Barrel

So now, to get that one inch broken outer barrel piece separated from the flash hider tip. I tried the brute force of some split joint pliers and a crescent wrench, but those threads weren’t budging.  After some wrestling with that for a few minutes, I thought; “there must be lock tight on these threads”.  So, with the use of a hair dryer I began heating the two barrel pieces up, once they got to a decently hot temp I gave it my best try and still no budging, I finally got tired of trying to keep from scratching the paint off(I had been using a rag under the pliers) and removed the rag I was using and stepped on the grip part of the pliers and with the other side I jerked the crescent wrench, Finally! it cracked loose.

Scraped and cleaned outer barrel piece that broke off

Once I got the two pieces separated I did notice that there was indeed lock tight and possibly another form of glue holding the two together which I could tell by the blue color being the lock tight and a white color of residue being some other kind of glue.  I would suggest, that if you are having problems getting your flash hider tip attachment off, apply heat first, weather it be a hair dryer, heat gun, heater or some type of flame, you might be able to avoid damaging your outer barrel or gun in that process. And you will want to get a knife or something to scrape the threads clean so that you can get your next outer barrel attachment on smoothly.

As for my cousins broken outer barrel, we applied a small amount of single use delayed set epoxy by “Super Glue” and made sure that we didn’t get any on the inner barrel as to render getting a new outer one for the future, useless, I haven’t seen the results yet, but it seemed to be sticking pretty well 30 or 40 minutes later.

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