Just for Fun Airsoft Night Game

On April 15th, 2011 Just for fun airsoft held a night game in a hilly area of northern Utah, approximately 50+ individuals showed for the moonlit event.  The organizer “FOG” said: “The first two games were the standard “turn out the lights” game where the goal is the switch off your opponents two flashing lights.  Again both games were split.  The last “official” game was a new one where there are 8 lighted LED batons hanging in the trees.  One team is protecting them and the other trying to grab them.  The banded team did a great job of protecting the lights.  It felt like every light had 10 guys guarding it.  On top of that people were running around getting knife kills.  This was the most friendly fire kills I have ever seen in a game.  Very intense if you were on the attacking team it was hard to figure out friend from foe.”

I for one had lots of fun sprinting as fast as I could now and then to the other side of the field ending up behind some of the other team and surrendering them, I just didn’t have the heart to shoot them straight in the back and I definitely couldn’t have knife killed them with my stomping boot action.

There was one really cool moment when I charged up and around a tree to find “Old School” perched defending a light and right as I could shout out “SURR..”– he flipped around with his secondary faster than I have seen anyone and planted about three bbs center mass of my equally surprised being.  He took the surrender but I feel like I could have taken the hit too because that was just friggen’ cool!  I mentioned that story to someone else later at a re-spawn and they were like; “Well, he is highway patrol”, haha, awesome!


Just for Fun Airsoft - Night Game - 4/15/2011


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