Send me your Words!

I am calling out to you, the Airsofter’, for news, updates, rumors, cool stories about your recent awesome game or whatever, as long as it’s Airsoft related.

In 200 words or less, give me something quick concise and interesting and I would love to put it here, on my site.  Send me pics, links to videos, whatever helps paint the picture.  Now of course it must be literate, free of profane or vulgar words or I will just give it a big, PASS.  If I can read it, make sense of it and it’s interesting, it will go up on the front page, plus who knows, maybe I can twist someones arm and make a contributor out of one of you just yet.

Well, I hope that this can be successful, I want to hear what is happening out there in airsoft with you guys, well, because, “I Like Airsoft”.

As you may or may not have noticed there is a new “Submit” page, click it, or click the following link and send me somethin’!


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