Featured Airsoft Player “Raven White”

This weeks featured player video took longer than I wanted it to.  There were some serious problems with the audio and wind hitting the microphone on my camera, for one, my larger camera that I wanted to use for it had dead batteries and so I was forced to use my Go Pro once again,  it is a great camera but not the best for audio in the first place seeing how it only records at 44,100 khs, which gives the audio a tinny type of sound, but on top of that the wind was hitting the diaphragm of the mic and really causing some problems.  However I was determined to release this video so I called upon the skills of my buddy Doug to help me, whom is an experienced audio engineer.  The outcome is a little strange but it is allot better than it would have been.  If you watch the video all the way to the end you will see a little video I took as we tried removing the wind noises at his home studio.  This weeks video appropriately labeled “Alien Audio Pod Edition”.  Please forgive the following annoying audio:

Raven White, also known as Beth, is this weeks ilikeairsoft.com’s featured player.  This little super blond was sporting some serious equipment on Saturday out in one of Utah’s many western deserts *edit* oh and when I say super blond, it’s because her hair.. is SUPER blond, no other reason.  Her energy, knowledge of gear and enthusiasm for the game earns her this weeks pick.  Raven White sports a full plate carrier, an array of color coded magazines, a modified KWA CQB meshed with a M4 carbine and an HFC PPK secondary.  She wears Gen 3 Army multicam DPM’s with built in elbow and knee pads and a patch on her load-out reading; “What now bitches!” for her male counterparts to observe as she takes them out.


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