Operation End Run – a Black Thorn Airsoft Game

I finally finished a video for the Black Thorn Airsoft game held at Hobble Creek in northern Utah a few weeks back under the operation title “End Run”.  This video didn’t feature a whole lot more than a hero shot of me shooting my KM4A1 at rather high cycle rates.  It was slightly difficult to edit seeing how there isn’t a microscope on the myriad of things happening on an airsoft field at one given time, but rather a 170 degree angle of the Forrest floor, my gun and maybe something way off in the distance, which is actually only 25 or so feet away.  Oh yeah and during the funnest game in my opinion; I didn’t hit the ol’ record button on my GoPro because I was busy getting my snipe on.  Which by the way, during that game I was able to take a guy out as well as his buddy moments later as he arrived behind him, oh yeah, and the medic that came to save them both.  Just have to brag a little about that just cause I’ve never accomplished that before and thought it was way cool.  Once those three were down a fourth came up between his downed men using them as body shields and managed to get a glancing blow to the side of my head; “Booyah!” I heard after I called my hit, you guys know who you are, although I don’t even know who I had ambushed.

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