Green River Utah JFFA Game

Here’s a post sent over the line by FOG, a bit of action from the front lines of the Just For Fun Airsoft game that happened down in Green River Utah May 7th, 2011.  From the looks of the footage it must have been a very action packed game, wait till the end too, I got a kick out of it.

here is a little info from the video on youtube:
JFFA (justforfunairsoft.webs.com) presents our latest game at Green River, Utah. Great fun day of airsoft. Mostly CQB inside of buildings at an old uranium processing plant. High/Low point was when Major got dropped by a Thunder-B grenade. Lots of smoke, bb’s and Thunder-B grenades.
Music is from – Trailerhead: Fides En Lucios Dei. Great album, check it out.

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