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Here’s a good way of showing support or opposition to a senate bill, CALL THEM!  Ive noticed that SB 798 has really got allot of attention recently and I think those serious about playing the sport should be heard.  Of course rules need to be enforced and I personally do not think children that cannot obey rules and treat airsoft guns as being closer to the real thing than not shouldn’t even be near them.  However, those of us who have spent years playing the sport, going over the rules each game every week and practicing safety with such seriousness deserve to have it continue on.

The following video is one of many that I have really liked, however I chose this one to showcase because the actual phone calls which Carlos Herrera makes are such a great way of taking action.  I’m not sure how some of the senators take out of state calls, but I can tell you, I just called every one of them on this list and the ones that did answer seemed to have liked an out of state call, the others I left a message.

California Senate Appropriations Committee Members

California Senate Appropriations Committee Members

As long as you are polite, they will take your opposition seriously, my exact words to them were: “Hello, this is Paul Green, I am calling in regard to senate bill 798 and would like to express to you my opposition towards the bill”, and then stated where I was calling from and my zip code.  I’m not sure what a flood of calls may do but who knows, it could actually help, I meant to ask one of them if my call being out of state even counted, I don’t know, however, after calling Senator Mark Wyland’s office his secretary asked if I was for, or opposed, obviously the latter and she had a somewhat resounding, GREAT! so it actually felt nice to hear a little success to calling in.  I would recommend to those serious about playing the sport of airsoft, to call in or send a letter (in literate, non hate speech filled words) expressing your opposition to senate bill 798.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that airsoft is a very serious sport, but I would say to take safety very serious and not to play anywhere other than an isolated field.

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