BTA Airsoft Game – Operation Thermopylae

I am running a week behind on videos and do apologize.  Operation Thermopylae took place on April 30th, 2011, which was also Black Thorn Airsoft‘s birthday so to speak.  This is a new field or area of operations to the group and to most airsofters in the area as well.  The field consists of many sloping areas, being in the northern west desert of Utah it is covered with sagebrush, ceder and juniper trees, but the coolest feature by far is the roughly 30 by 30 foot tunnel carved into one of the hills that extends 300 feet or more from one side of the field to the other.  During the last couple games one team defended a captive while the other side had to go and rescue him or her. the opposite team were given two riot type shields in which were used to breach the tunnel and ended up just being a distraction for both teams, but it was still quite fun nonetheless.

Also, can you guys please comment, rate and even subscribe to my youtube channel, help a fellow airsofter out, it makes me want to do more when I see comments, thumbs up and stuff like that, Thanks!  😀

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