BTA Airsoft Game – “What’s Mine is Mine”

Photo taken from Black Thorn Airsoft website

The new A.O. for Black Thorn Airsoft as of May 5th, 2011 began with Operation “What’s Mine is Mine”. The A.O. or area of operations, is located in Utah’s northwest desert near the city of Eureka where many old mines lay abandoned peppered along the hills.  An ol’ team member from the group I used to play with: “The Black Watch” call sign “Skow” joined me that week and can be seen on some of the video,  Him and I work in the same industry and collaborate on many projects together from time to time.  The more action packed games for me consisted of objectives involving popping balloons while the other team would guard them.  With the recent new AO’s it’s hard for me to get out of game playing mode and get into camera man mode, which resulted without a whole lot of in game footage, Skow and I ended up directing a couple of our own fun action shots.  plus a little bonus 7 second music video at the end, it seems like some kind of demented raise the roof dance, feel free to give it a thumbs up anyway :).

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