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Hey all, ive noticed that allot of you came to the site Monday probably expecting a featured airsoft player, I wasn’t able to make it to last satudrays game, I sat in a classroom at Provo Utah’s Brigham Young University to take a HAM radio course.  It took ALL day, wow, I wasn’t prepared to have my mind melted with all this info about ferrads, pico ferrads, ohms, transistors, resisters, potentiometers, wavelengths, diodes and the other thousand things to remember.  By the end of the day I had to take the test and I admit, I didn’t pass 🙁 I had to answer 26 correct to pass and I got 23, yeah I really know nothing about the subject, however, im learning and should pass it next month.

The rest of this month into next month ill be starting work on a made for TV movie and may miss a few airsoft games, it hurts, but I can’t turn down work that pays for this hobby.  Maybe some of you know that I work in the film and video production industry, you can find out a little about that if you go to my “About” page.  I do allot of things in the industry, but this job I will be doing what is called 1st AC work, which is short for 1st assistant camera.  That involves setting up the camera, taking distance measurements and setting marks for the actors to walk to or step on in conjunction with the focus length of the lens by basically keeping them in focus at all times, another name for my job could be called “focus puller”.  Along with that job title would be, changing lenses(which happens almost every different shot), moving the camera, as well as with my truck from location to location, storing the camera, since it comes in about 6 to 8 cases, its a bit of a job.  On the about page you can see the camera I will be working with, fully built it weighs in around 50lbs.

Thanks for coming back and looking for new material, I apologize that I don’t have something for you sooner, I promise things are “In The Works”, you should look forward to a new series of videos, There are plans with ilikeairsoft and a local airsofting store(which will remain nameless for the time being)to come out with some scheduled videos, along with the others I have been making, to bring you some great local airsoft entertainment.

Please check back soon!  Also, I would still like to hear what you guys have to say, if you have a story or a cool video or whatever concerning airsoft, please visit the “submit” page and send it to me, ill review it and most likely put it up here.

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