A Video in Route

Hey guys, its been a while, how ya doing? yeah I know, not much for a while, like I mentioned in my last post, ive been working on some movies, that’s what I do by the way, I am in the camera department allot for movies and video production, its my livelihood.  It’s been rather slow lately with the economy the way it is and so many layoffs I see all around me, so I have to take jobs when they become available.  However, I am cooking up some sweet footage that my cousin Mike aka SOAP captured at last Saturdays Black Thorn game at Provo Utah’s non toxic dumping ground known as Foundation Hill.  The progress bar says that it will take 8 hours and 21 minutes!  So I may have to get you guys that video tomorrow sometime.

RED 1 Mysterium X

RED 1 Mysterium X

Along with all the other videos I am editing and movies I am crewing on, I plan to get you guys the goods, I hope I can take July off and just play and make some sweet vids, I guess film making to me is playing as well.  Check out this camera I worked with today, funky eh?:


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