Airsoft Game – Operation Tex Special, A SOAP Journal

I was able to squeak in some editing the past few days and cut together some footage taken from my cousin Micheal aka SOAP who went out on mission for me to gather intel on an airsoft game since I wouldn’t be able to be there.  His helmet cam captured many action packed events while traversing Provo Utah’s jungle AO; nick named Foundation Hill.  You’ll be able to see why the AO has such a name by watching the video.  From the looks of the footage there seemed to be allot of new players coming out of the woodwork with the coming nicer weather.  The following footage has been edited down from a packed SD card full of game play for your viewing pleasure.  SOAP aka Micheal along with his squad BOOTS and ACOG, among others, trek along Foundations back country for that “righteous kill”.


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