Airsoft Status Report

Woohoo, almost to 100 subscribers on my airsoftutah “YouTube” page, sweet!  – UPDATE: If you are a regular to ilikeairsoft.com you will notice that the past few posts have been about me being so busy that I haven’t been able to do that many posts, news or video uploads.  Last week I was able to get you guys some footage that SOAP had taken, however this week his MICH 2000 malfunctioned and he had to go without (helmet cam), that also means not much footage.  But we’ve got a couple things cookin’ soon that I hope you will enjoy and it may just involve 550 Paracord.

If you guys could, send out the word for subscribers and subscribe yourself to my youtube channel, the more I can get there, the more I will be able to keep making cool airsoft videos, well, at least I think their cool 🙂

My youtube channel is:  http://www.youtube.com/airsoftutah

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