Airsoft Game – Operation: Point of the Sword (BTA)

June 25, 2011 proved to be yet another action packed and great game day.  I showed up late (because of my late working schedules)to the first warm up game which I believe was knock over the other teams flag type, which I used for the opening title sequence, I usually don’t have allot of free time to put into doing graphics and editing but since July is kind of more free time to me I was able to put a bit more pizzazz into this one.  I decided to sacrifice a little fun and turn my game play into more of a competition with myself and go, left hand camera, right hand gun.  It turned out to be quite fun, while trying to keep my camera filters from being shattered by bb’s and taking pot shots at people with my pistol I think that the footage turned out even better.  My choice in not wearing bright orange while filming seemed to have made it a little easier on players whose positions are sometimes given away by a flamboyantly dressed photographer pointing their lens like some kind of retriever dog pointing at its catch.  Doing this seemed to really get the close up of players emotion and action during their fight.  Of course sometimes I have to wear my orange vest to get in on the other teams action, but I always try to do it in a way as not to give anyones position away,  however, that isn’t always possible but that’s the sacrifice for cool airsoft action.

For the majority of the video I follow “Raven”, “Acog” and “Panther” around the battle as I engage the enemy as well with my Canon Rebel T2i and my WE compact M1911 secondary.  If you haven’t seen all of the Featured player videos, keep an eye out for some of the annotations on this video which I have put over the faces of some of the players I have featured in the past.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. danny says:

    i noticed in your latest video it mentions weaponblender. are you working for them now?

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