Featured Airsoft Player – “Ghost”

This weeks featured player is one of BTA’s(Black Thorn Airsoft)very own “Ghost” or “Danny”, behind the gun.  He is, as the team website puts it: Founder / Chairman & CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 1st in charge of the Black Thorn Airsoft group.

Photo courtesy of Black Thorn Airsoft

Photo courtesy of Black Thorn Airsoft

Ghost is usually found on the front lines of any airsoft battle and is known for some of his bizarre snub nose M4 assault rifles as well.  On most occasions I witness Ghost pushing his way through the enemy line during the remaining seconds of an airsoft game for those  last few glorious take downs, eventually he gets taken down as well because of his brazen advance but I can tell it is well worth the push.  He leads the example of fun and lighthearted game play but takes the sport serious enough to make it a good sporting competition for all of us.

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