Featured Airsoft Player(s) – The Avenues Squad

This weeks ilikeairsoft.com’s featured player is actually three players: “Kip” and his two sons “Mabaho” and “Lawn Mower”, also known as the “Avenues Gang” or Squad.  These guys sport some pretty special op gear both manufactured and homemade.

The Avenues Squad

The Avenues Squad

They are normally found in a pretty tight knit grouping using their tactical maneuvers that they practice together at home and then implement out on the field.  “Kip” the leader of the small pack, also the father of the two guerrilla’s displays some of his handy work in custom painting pieces of his groups gear; “It’s much more fun than finding it in the store” Kip comments.  I always see these guys out on the field and even had a chance to team up with them on an op. or two, can’t wait till the next time.

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