New YouTube Video Player – My Opinion

Here is a short opinion on YouTube’s new video player… I don’t like it.  Ha, ok well let me expound on that in a few more words.

YouTube's New Player

YouTube's New Player

The new black or near black “Charcoal” looking player wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t somewhat following suite of Apples newer Quicktime player that hides the controls when your mouse is inactive or away from the player.  I don’t care for it much because of the way it sort of screws up the accessibility of my annotations, and allot of you Youtubers know how important those can be, plus it’s somewhat confusing after the many years of being able to find the controls fast on those instances of blaring audio from super high volumes.  Anyway that’s my two cents on Youtube’s newer player controls.  However I have noticed that it doesn’t always show up on some of the different computers web browsers I have used.  Is there a way to opt out of this player? any thoughts if its going to stay for good?

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