Airsoft Game – Operation Triple Threat

Operation Triple Threat began on the morning of Saturday July 16th, 2011 in the highlands of northern Utah near Lehi.

Viva Smoke!

Viva Smoke!

Like always my camera takes me towards the most action during an airsoft game and I definitely found it while in a game of capture the cones.  During this game, five or so teams of 10 or 12 set out to defend and capture the other teams traffic cones.  Which ever team had 3 of the cones longest or whom ever captured all four won.  Most of the footage I got happened to be while trailing on the heels of some players foremost in the action; “Ghost”, “Shorty” and “Smoke”.

The following is a culmination of skirmishes from that game.  As you will see there are some beautiful scenic areas at this AO(ares of operations). Plus you may see a few small featured poses by “Smoke” but hey, he posed and I used it, do something cool on camera during an airsoft game while I’m there and I just may feature it, ya neva know!

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  1. jaime says:

    very good video good job paul!!

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