Airsoft Game – Operation: “Desert Rat”

July 23, 2011 Black Thorn Airsoft hosted Operation: “Desert Rat” in one of the somewhat isolated deserts of northern Utah.

Operation Desert Rat. Hosted by Black Thorn Airsoft

Many games were held that day, a couple of them consisted of capturing territory.  One offensive team and one defensive team. On the offensive side players needed to knock down a series of flags to push the enemy back, as they did so, the enemy’s re-spawn areas became fewer and the offensive team got closer to the win.  On the last push once a single flag stood, the defensive team had a final life left, once they were hit they were out.  Eventually both teams would win this game that were in the offensive positions unless the defense could survive for a period of time, that never happened.  It was a ton of fun, lots of players, lots of action.  During one of these capture the territory games I was on point with my trusty video camera, check it out:

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2 Responses to “Airsoft Game – Operation: “Desert Rat””

  1. spencer says:

    Hey guys just wondering about that location you guys were playing at, I’ve been looking around for a place like that. Is it in Tooele? Great video btw

  2. Joseph says:

    Hey guys, saw ur little vid, im from sweden, and im just recently getting my self activated in soft air guns and stuff related to sof air guns, So any ways. Do u have any events in sweden or in Europe? if so plz let me know 😀

    ow and PS: Can u give me like a sugestion of rules to go by when i shot around with my friends so we can play some sort of a game 😀


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