Airsoft Game – Operation: “Shafted”

July 30th 2011 was the date for Black Thorn Airsofts’ game; “Operation Shafted”.  Some abandoned yet covered mines in Utah’s west desert was the backdrop for this A.O.  The first game covered by ilikeairsoft.com was a VIP game where a VIP had to be transported somewhere, I don’t remember exactly how the game went, but basically he was supposed to be escorted through the badlands.  There was a surprise twist to this game as well, randomly several players during the game were instructed secretly to abandon their team and become traitors to mix things up, everyone was instructed that something was going to happen but that was the only official information.  There were rumors around the teams started by team members that there would be traitors.  The games were allot of fun, the second one was about taking the hill emplacement, the action in the video can speak for itself.  Also, Black Thorns own: “Old School” was featured that day, check him out on ilikeairsoft.com’s “Featured Player“.

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Pictures from this op can be found here.

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