Where ya Been?

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in videos lately, mainly game videos I suppose, I haven’t missed any featured player vids.  I have been working on a few projects lately plus trying to be out in this awesome Utah weather (while it lasts of course).  Ive been desperately trying to get out and be in this weather that, many of you know, only lasts for about 3 months here in Utah, then its colder and colder from here.  Mainly its been trying to get out on the lake, and you need pretty warm weather for that.

Anywho,  My other projects have been experimental and for fun, one is a new youtube channel named “WatchTimeLapse“. A buddy of mine and I have been gathering time lapse videos that we have created from the past as well as new ones and are going to create short videos of something interesting that normally your eye doesn’t pick up in one minute and do an upload; one per week.  Our first video is of a Chilean Tarantula shedding its skin, pretty cool and gross at the same time, you can see it HERE, check out more on our channel soon: Watch Time Lapse.  If you like to watch time lapse videos like us on facebook.

The other project was one that my buddy Rich and I have had on the afterburner for close to a year now, but we finally completed it and submitted it to a video competition for a flashlight company.   I’m sure you would agree that it is hard to do things you love doing and doing other things you love as well but that you have to do first, these two projects aren’t necessarily things I love doing more, I have had other things come up too in my film and video business department that demands my attention, so there you go.

If you would please check out our two channels, Comment, Rate and Subscribe if you would, that would put a smile on our faces.

Channels here:

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