Airsoft Game – Operation: “Tall Grass”

Op "Tall Grass" Mushroom

Op "Tall Grass" Mushroom(Bigger than both my fists) that Old School discovered.

August 6th, 2011; a different scene from Utah’s hot and dry desert strikes us today.  The plush greenery of northern Utah’s woodland retreat near the cascade mountain range at close to 8,000 feet in elevation was the backdrop for this operation.

As the title understates, the “Tall Grass” was consuming.  Take a knee most places on one of the three playing fields and you were gone.  With a pleasant sight around every bend I was compelled to stop for intermission, at least for just a short moment amidst the shower of airsoft ammo flying through the air.

If you keep your eyes peeled at the beginning of the video you can actually see someone getting devoured by the “Tall Grass”, I think he made it out of there okay though. 😀

Photos for this operation can be found on the Operation “Tall-Grass” Pictures post.  The games in the video involved either knocking down a flag and/or putting one up by the opposing team. Please watch and enjoy!

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