Airsoft Game – Operation: “Sidewinder”

August 13, 2011, Operation Sidewinder threw down with some intense airsoft fighting.  Players brought F15 fighter jets and lots of napalm, I was like doooood!  Ok, maybe that isn’t the complete truth, but sometimes I think we airsofters imagine such things.  I thought I would try to bring some of my imaginations to life, just a little bit.  Like I mention in the “Warning”, the graphics are mediocre at best, but didn’t have the time to perfect any of them.  I thought I should change up the normal routine a little bit and try out some of my new action essentials graphics and incorporate them into the video.  I wanted to add at least one effect to each shot, but it ended up taking way too long so I had to include shots without any effects to sort of tie some the time-line together.  All together I estimate I have probably spent over 14 hours on this video, more than I would probably want to admit, but it has been a really fun learning experience because I’m not really a graphics guy, however I’m glad it’s been somewhat of a new adventure for me.  Hopefully I will be able to have additional time to learn more about the motion graphics department and share all my findings with you guys in the form of some cool action.  I hope you guys enjoy, please visit my youtube channel, Rate, Comment and Subscribe.   Also, favorite this video if you liked it so that it can be moved up in search results, thanks for your continued support, AirsoftUtah is now at 400 subscribers, woohoo! you guys rock! please continue to tell your friends about my channel.

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