Behind the Scenes – Sidewinder

Here is a little look at the making of some of “Operation Sidewinder – Intense Warefare”.  Coming to you for the first time on camera and a bit hesitantly to be honest, I never really wanted to be on camera but thought maybe I better so that I can change things up and make them interesting.  I get quite a few comments on youtube asking what I use to edit, what I use to film, what 3d program I use, so ill explain it all right here as well as in the video and ill start from the video production.  I shoot on a Canon T2i, I have several lenses, the one I use during games is the 18-200mm f3.5-5.6.  I also use Canon’s 10-22mm f3.5-5.6 when I am filming Airsoft featured player for those close up gear shots and wide spinny’ ones, I also use that lens for the Find the Sniper videos.  I edit my video using Apple’s Final Cut Pro and for motion graphics I use Apple’s Motion.  For 3d animation I use Kinemac (made only for Mac).  For the music I buy licensed copies of Digital Juice’s Music Box and Stack Traxx which are also known as canned music or royalty free music, with a license of course (you just pay for it).  Well, here it is, hope you enjoy.  Please visit the AirsoftUtah youtube page, Comment, Rate and Subscribe. Thanks!

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