Airsoft Featured Zombie – Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year when Zombies make their appearance on the playing field.  With one touch you are infected and turned to their side.  Then, for the living its an all out battle for survival.  “K-Factor” aka “Zombie Guy” was turned into this ghoulish form after being infected from another Zombie.  His extra large hands give him reaching distance for that glancing strike.  Once you’ve been turned, it’s all a flash eating fest.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN from ilikeairsoft.com.  Airsofters’ always remember, this as a personal note for you, please do not dawn your airsoft guns out in public during Halloween, or really any time, it makes us look bad and could possibly get someone a “suicide by cop”.  It’s just not smart.  Wear all of your tactical gear, but please leave the airsoft guns at home. 😀

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