Converse Rapid Response CT boot Review

Converse Laces

Converse Rapid Response CT Boot

Hey there fellow airsofters!  Shades here with a review on the Converse Rapid Response CT boot. First off these boots are extremely comfortable, right off the bat there is no pain what so ever. My heals didn’t hurt, my feet aren’t in pain, and my ankles are just fine. Even after a night of working, my feet are in no pain at all.  The soles on the inside of the boots are removable, I haven’t taken my out but I’ll take BDU.com’s word for it ha! The toe is made of a nice hard composite material, not sure what but It’s just as good as a steel toe.  I had a 60 lb. box fall on it at work, and it held up pretty darn well. So don’t worry your toes are well protected when wearing these boots.  The boots all around are made of a nice durable leather and darn good stitching if I do say so myself! Now where these boots really shine is the bottom, their made of a nice quality rubber. With a awesome texture that I think can cling to almost any surface… Except a 90 degree angle haha.

Converse Boot Tred

Converse Rapid Response CT Boot Tred

The bottom says slip resisting and oil resisting, so I figure oil won’t damage it in anyway I’m sure of it. There’s mesh fabric on the sides of the boot get a nice wind flow around your feet so they won’t get all sweaty and hot. The only problem I’ve seen or heard about these boots is the lace eyelets. They’re made of plastic not metal, and what I’ve heard is that over time they’ll warp and not be as tight as they use to be, but they seem to be reliant plastic so far. Well guys and gals that’s it for the review on the Converse Rapid Response CT boot. See you out on the field airsofters! Shades out!

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