Airsoft Featured Player – Juggernaut

Dread the Juggernaut! unless he’s on your team, then be at ease for as long as it lasts!
Black Thorn Airsoft’s Ghost created his own Juggernaut alter ego.

Here are some details about his suit:
Starting towards the top; The collar is made from a 5gal bucket and attached to a set of football shoulder pads. He used a hockey chest pad for the main back protection weaved both into a load bearing vest. Then, catchers pads for the shin pads and gauntlet armor. Thin plastic for the hip and cod piece armor! Spray paint; the color of choice! Added molle and pouches to fill in the gaps and for added tactical essence to the rig!

Information about his gun:
it’s built off of the m249 saw, he converted the trigger and corresponding handle to a push button and top carry design. Then added the grenade launcher and large outer barrel to make it look bigger! Only shoots 180 fps so he can mow players down at any engagement distance!

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