Operation: Revenge 2 – Big Airsoft Game

Operation Revenge 2 was hosted by Black Thorn Airsoft on April 27th 2013.  There were over 100 players that morning.  Cameras used were the Canon T2i and the Go Pro 3 Black. The quad copter used is a Rotor Concept HPQ1, its a great quad copter but for the money i spent on it I could of had a GPS controlled DJI Phantom with an IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) which I hope to have in the near future.  Before I go on and on about quad copters, check out this game video, give it a thumbs up if you will and then I will have more about quad copters below.

Find the Sniper Episode 4: http://youtu.be/2lNOTTi6c-w
Feelin Lucky? http://youtu.be/q_Dc3d6gHyE

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Music: Digital Juice – Stack Traxx. Kugman – New Earth and kukfittpung 3.0 under Creative Commons License

More about quad copters! – DJI; which is the company that makes a very futuristic looking quad copter that has three amazing features such as GPS stabilizing which allows for locking your hover in once you let go of the controls and IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) which is excellent for beginners and also has this great feature called RTH (Return to Home) that when and if the copter looses signal or you turn off the controller, the Phantom will return to where is originally took off from and land nice and carefully. DJI will also be releasing a gimbal unit that will attach to existing DJI Phantoms that will assist in the capture of perfectly smooth footage from your Go Pro 2 or 3.  Now you will probably end up spending around $1,600 dollars with the quad copter and stabilizer, (when it is actually released) so you will either need to have some money to blow on some super fun toy or have a job like mine where you can actually use it in film making and write it off on taxes as a business expense.  But anyway, there are great videos that go in depth about the DJI Phantom as well as the steadying gimbal device they will hopefully soon release that I am busting at the seams to own! Did I just say that? weird, it was the first thing off the top of my head.

Below are some links about the phantom and one of my favorite FPV flights from a RC copter!

Here is a review of the DJI Phantom by Vidmuze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cKYqR9Y-3o
A recent video about FPV flying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZZy9p7_dVU
I little info by the man himself about the Phantom’s IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0dm100xz6U
The coolest FPV flying ive ever seen! http://vimeo.com/61155597

Also, I am looking at doing some FPV flying with my quad copter too.  FPV flying is First Person View flying.  In my case this is where I will hook a wireless transmitter and receiver to my quad that will transmit a signal from my Go Pro Hero 3 Black (which is the lightest and greatest Hero of the Go Pro’s to date) to a pair of goggles which enables me to fly the copter as if I am aboard flying it.  I have yet to fly FPV but I am super psyched about it and cant wait to receive my FPV kit.  I bought my FPV kit online at Hobby King along with  some upgraded antennas. Oh, if you have or are buying that kit you’ll need an adapter to see what your GoPro Hero is seeing (The previous links will take you there) Now ive noticed that previous to me buying these they were on back-order, but a day later the stock was full, so check back if that happens cause they seem to be on the ball with restocking. I don’t have anything else to say, so comment on this post if you’d like to talk more!

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