Aerial Airsoft Footage Captured – Quad Copter

Operation Revenge 2 hosted by Black Thorn Airsoft proved to be a high player turnout. During the day of games I would randomly take off and get some aerial shots of players and the terrain. I incorporated it into shots I got from the ground and turned it into a story of its own which more or less is actually what happened during that day. The following is some of the raw footage taken from my quad copter only. My “Quad” is a Rotor Concept HPQ1.  However, I recently ordered the DJI Phantom from DJI Innovations. I have my money riding on this one because of many great features, more on those can be found at their website or on my recent post about Operation Revenge 2. Thanks for coming back and watching and hopefully reading, please tell your airsoft buddies!

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End slate links:
Operation Revenge 2: http://youtu.be/vEd8Ww_It0g
Feelin’ Lucky?: http://youtu.be/Er7PMdozbts

Music – kukfittpung 3.0

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