G&G Contest Video – Rescue Team – Behind the Scenes

As an entry for the G&G “Your Greatest Glory 2013” Video Contest, The “Rescue Team” proves to carry out their orders and discovers a mission priority that came almost too late.
This video uncovers a little bit of the happenings that took place behind the scenes from “Rescue Team” contest video. Shot and Edited by Kelly Monson

Watch the original video here: http://youtu.be/8MgTzQZKLf8

Cast: Danny “Ghost” Haskel as the team leader, Michael “Shades” Pulham as the designated marksman, Kevin “Boom” Lyde left flank security, Jeff “Kfactor” Slack as the sniper, Kelly “Kibo” Monson as the commander, Kyle “Red” Bambrick as the bad guy grenadier, Justin “Jakal” Goodrich as the bad guy who died multiple times.

Crew: Written, Directed and Produced by Paul D. Green. Gaffer Ephraim Smith. Production Audio by David Adamic.

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