Rhodesian Revolt 2013

The Rhodesian Revolt has been a large annual 2 day Airsoft event held on a 400 acre playing field in north west Utah hosted by Weapon Blender Airsoft.  Teams for the event play as entities such as American Military forces along with coalition type forces such as Black Water Group and the RRA or Rhodesian Republic Army.  Rebel factions are also present and are typically paid to do tasks for a leader named Mugabo who offers them medicine and Rhodesian type monopoly money in return for their success.  Scenarios constantly change from objectives and discovering traitors to the constant onslaught of rebel bb’s around the whole playing field.

As the neutral media correspondent for the Rhodesian Revolt 2013, I was only able to capture segments of a much larger story that was taking place on this gigantic playing field that took the assistance of vehicles to arrive at the 5+ bases in any timely manner.

Tech Specs• The video team consisted of myself: “Green” and “Shades”.  Our capturing systems included the Canon T2i, with an 18-200mm image stabilized lens, Coken filter tray with a .6 neutral density filter and a .6 soft edge graduated filter.  For the aerial footage I used the DJI Phantom 1 with a GoPro 3 Black hard mounted to the undercarriage, I was able to see everything that the GoPro was seeing with the assistance of the Predator V2 goggles which has a built in receiver and the 5.8 ghz video transmitter it comes with stuck to the bottom of the Phantom with double stick tape. Edited with Final Cut Pro 7.

Below is a playlist that will play through all 5 of the Rhodesian Revolt Episodes, or click on a thumbnail from of each Episode below that.






















Here are some more videos I found on YouTube from other players at the Rhodesian Revolt:


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