I Like Airsoft.com at NAB 2014

Hey Guys, Green here from I Like Airsoft.com. Recently I went to Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters convention. Its a huge expo all about showing off the newest film and video tech toys, cameras and whatnot. I thought I would edit together just a few samples of what I found and share it with you. I know some of you have been becoming more interested in getting some better airsoft videos and thought this might wet your appetite for yet more gear!

I also found a local Airsoft shop to share with you, I know its not totally “AirsoftUtah”ish being in Vegas, but I have always enjoyed furthering the sport everywhere I can.  The guys at this shop didn’t want to be on camera but mentioned to me that they have one of the few remaining H&K 417 D VFC Airsoft Rifles. It was a treat!

Thanks to the guys at Windhorse for being welcoming! visit them at: http://www.windhorseairsoft.com

As for NAB; I interviewed 4 guys that had something interesting to say that could very well be of interest to you Airsofters!

The first guy; Karsten Carlson is from:

And then Scott. He is from:
I didn’t want to get his last name wrong because I couldn’t hear it very well so i left it out, sorry Scott! and if its with one T Sorry Scot! or if your parents are super indie; Sorry Skawt! (when interviewing guys, make sure to have the person actually spell out their name, just missed this one! 😉

Third is a guy ive worked with in the past: Douglas Monroe:

Last but not least, Willis Chung with my favorite quad copter company!

Thanks for watching!

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