Walking Dead Airsofters – Operation Doom

Operation Doom 2013 was a blast, literally, har har.  The basic rules for BTA’s zombie airsoft games consist of the living human type and of course the reanimated walking dead brain and flesh eating zombies. Put em all on a playing field and a lot of screeching, yelping, grunting and groaning, oh yeah and a ton of BB’s are flung everywhere.

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Here’s a little general knowledge I have floating around in my head about Black Thorn Airsoft Zombie games:

Black Thorn Airsoft has come up with (or as far as I know they did)this genius way of taking out zombies, now we all should know that to kill a “real” zombie you have to sever the brain stem or destroy the brain, well to alleviate any of the possible painful head shots, a pie tin is fastened about center mass on the zombie players body.  To take down a zombie player a shot to the plate must be acquired, the zombie player and anyone around them hears a quite audible plink, the zombie player takes a knee and counts to 15 or so. then resumes a slow pace, not any running mind you, towards the humans.  If the humans run, zombie players are allowed to also run. Zombies can also do a lunge or a blood lust sprint towards the humans once they are within 10 feet and not already hit.  If a zombie is hit in the pie plate 4 times they have to reset by walking back 100ft and then they can resume their hunting.

Normally there is an objective like take the scientist doctor person from one area to the extraction point.  That and if they humans can last for 30+mins they win.  There have been a bunch of variations that I can’t remember at the moment, needless to say, the games are fricken rad!

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