Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Experience 2014 – I Like Airsoft.com

Salt Lake City Comic Con, yes we have a comic book convention too! This particular one is called “Comic Con FanX”, it’s the Fan Experience for all of those that wanted to go out and become a little star struck by film and television celebrities such as Patrick Stewart and the cast of Star Trek the Next Generation.

Comic book conventions are full of Cosplayers (Costume Players) many enjoy attending the con merely to show off their stuff. Many are store bought costumes of well known super hero’s or characters, while I personally think that even more are hand made and less known and more obscure. However, the quality of some of these handmade costumes and props are amazing!

Shades as the assault soldier from Battlefield 4 and Ghost; this time as Master Chief from the Halo Xbox video games wander the halls as they are swarmed with people wanting photos.

With a cameo from Rad Rockin from Tactical Airsoft Supply, Thanks! http://www.tacticalairsoftsupply.com
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