Rhodesian Revolt 2014 – Massive Airsoft Event

Weapon Blender Airsoft and the brothers who run the place, namely Kelly and Travis Monson put on this large, once a year Airsoft event called the Rhodesian Revolt. More on the event can be found on their website at http://www.rhodesianrevolt.com

About 230 people showed up to the event encompassing the Coalition, BRG (Black River Group) and the Rebels known as the 5th column. The first day consisted of arriving to check in, chono’ing guns, getting camping situated, receiving maps and and various tid bits of info. Then that night everyone met together in the neutral zone(so to speak) to hear command speak and to get teams and rules situated. Then in the morning, BRG and Fifth Column left to their prospective base command areas for training or whatever they did and coalition was still in essentially the neutral zone training with their squads for each assignment: Assault, Support, Engineer, Sniper and Medic. Utah’s Army National Guard was on hand to give the coalition players training in formation and squad tactics as well as drive Humvees during game play for the two day event.

After training in all the MOS, equipment and comms, coalition packed all their gear into the military vehicles and started their journey to the forward operating base in hostile territory. This video account follows Delta squad from training and into battle.

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This game was held by Weapon Blender Airsoft

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