Airsoft Featured Player – Flecktarn

Here is another unique addition to the Featured Player lineup.  “Flectarn” or by “Fleck”, who plays for the “Danger Close” Airsoft team.  He sports of course–you guessed it, German flectarn camouflage along with other various Euro style accoutrements, such as a full size G36 rifle.

Flecktarn was stationed in England with the Air Force in 2003 and started playing Airsoft with some friends out behind his house on some open acreage.  He came back to the states and sort of fell out after leaving the Airforce.  But then got back into it to keep in a good physical shape, he has been able to keep about 20lbs off by continuing the sport every weekend.

He likes to play with his squad without keeping to tightly grouped to avoid heavy incoming fire. He enjoys getting into the thick of the fight but makes sure he keeps some kind of advantage.  He isn’t too interested in sniping because of the patience it requires of himself.

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