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The Z-Tactical bowman style EVO 3 is a communications headset that is designed with a dual sided boom mic that can be worn under a helmet and co-exist with your goggle system easily.

There are three adjustable straps which allow for a comfortable and stable fit. The ear cup is padded and ventilated with an opening at the top and bottom so hearing is not obstructed from natural surroundings.

The microphone consists of a flexible steel boom and other polymer parts. The integrated flat-head connector makes it easy to configure for left AND right ear operation.

To accompany this headset, we chose the wireless PTT adapter by Z-Tactical. This product includes the PTT control unit and a wireless remote switch. The PTT operates as a normal push to talk operated controller but also features a wireless remote that attaches to any Picatinny or Weaver rail mounts without the need of a tool.

The push to talk control unit operates without the need of a battery and can be used by itself in conjunction with the radio and headset. By adding a CR123 battery into the PTT control unit and the included CR1220 watch type battery into the remote control you now add a second push to talk option that can be controlled wirelessly mounted to your weapon.

The Z-Tacitcal PTT unit comes with a heavy duty gator style clip that can be attached to the back with included Velcro and worn easily on vests or chest rigs.

With this communications equipment setup properly you won’t have to take your support hand away from your weapon during any tense moment in order to communicate.

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Notes: Thinking about one quick thing after I’ve been able to decompress from making this video is that the wireless remote control part that fits on your rail mounts, the fact that it doesn’t need a tool is cool, however, it could probably be knocked off with a good bump, or if you are going prone often, which I do now and then being out here in Utah one has to be low enough below the junipers to get those leg shots.  I personally have not yet had the experiance of going prone or being in a heavy engagement with this equipped and who knows, maybe it would hold up, just be advised 😉 Anyone have any notes or experiences with this equipment yet? let me know on Facebook.

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