Me sporting the traditional Afghani Pakol

I like airsoft began with the idea of spreading news and blog stories about airsoft by using “vlogs”and the power of social media to get the word around to anyone interested in learning a thing or two about airsoft and maybe for those wanting to get started into this “extreme sport” to get them interested.  I wanted to put something out there for others to see to be inspired to come out and play.   I am a 29 year old film maker (Now 34! updated July 2015) currently working in the industry in all different genres and media types, from commercial, industrial and corporate video to feature films.  I have many different hobbies, of course at the moment is Airsoft, yet I don’t see that one fading any time soon, its just too darn fun, I even know men in their 60’s that are playing, which is rad! or what allot of airsofters’ like to call, milsims or military simulations.  Other hobbies include and not limited to, flying RC airplanes and now RC helicopters, metal detecting, rock hounding, sewing, knotting 550 para-cord things, four wheeling, boating, soon a HAM radio license, cruising my street bike, playing video games, well, a few of those could be categorized in the “pastime” arena.

Myself and my 4 other business partners own a production company in Utah known as MainStay Productions. Check out our site and videos.

Green and RED Camera