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Airsoft Featured Player – Hades

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

— I Like presents the Airsoft featured player video series. Airsoft player: “Hades”, is a part of the Black Angels Recon team in Northern Utah. His kit includes multicam, a plate carrier, 1911 side arm and M4 type main weapon.

My interactions with with Alex, aka “Hades” and his team, Black Angels Recon, has been nothing but outstanding. The organization they have continually supported; Operation Underground Railroad have rescued children from sex slavery and have been been involved in their games and fund raising.

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

From Airsoft players them selves contributing and buying raffle tickets for donated gear by Airsoft retailers such as Weapon Blender Airsoft and Tactical Airsoft Supply, B.A.R. have raised enough money each time they hold these events that have gone to the actual real life orchestrated operations by these former navy seals, special operations and law enforcement specialists to rescue children from sex slavery. -Green

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[ G&G Your Greatest Glory 2013 Video Contest ] – Rescue Team

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

As an entry for the G&G “Your Greatest Glory 2013” Video Contest, The “Rescue Team” proves to carry out their orders and discovers a mission priority that came almost to late.

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Cast: Danny “Ghost” Haskel as the team leader, Michael “Shades” Pulham as the designated marksman, Kevin “Boom” Lyde left flank security, Jeff “Kfactor” Slack as the sniper, Kelly “Kibo” Monson as the commander, Kyle “Red” Bambrick as the bad guy grenadier, Justin “Jakal” Goodrich as the bad guy who died multiple times.

Crew: Written, Directed and Produced by Paul D. Green. Gaffer Ephraim Smith. Production Audio by David Adamic.

Airsoft Featured Player – Juggernaut

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Dread the Juggernaut! unless he’s on your team, then be at ease for as long as it lasts!
Black Thorn Airsoft’s Ghost created his own Juggernaut alter ego.

Here are some details about his suit:
Starting towards the top; The collar is made from a 5gal bucket and attached to a set of football shoulder pads. He used a hockey chest pad for the main back protection weaved both into a load bearing vest. Then, catchers pads for the shin pads and gauntlet armor. Thin plastic for the hip and cod piece armor! Spray paint; the color of choice! Added molle and pouches to fill in the gaps and for added tactical essence to the rig!

Information about his gun:
it’s built off of the m249 saw, he converted the trigger and corresponding handle to a push button and top carry design. Then added the grenade launcher and large outer barrel to make it look bigger! Only shoots 180 fps so he can mow players down at any engagement distance!

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Featured Airsoft Player – Tommy Tart

Monday, April 8th, 2013

This player has been known to use a “Tommy Gun” and eat Pop Tarts.  His friends call him Tommy Tart, and so the call sign stuck.  He also has been involved in reenactments in 4th of July parades.  His motivation in game play involves spraying and praying with his BAR support weapon and tries to maintain a good K/D (kill to death ratio) in games.

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Airsoft Featured Player: Tommy Tart

Airsoft Featured Player: Tommy Tart

Airsoft Featured Player – Iron Sight

Friday, April 5th, 2013

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Iron Sight is the featured player for this last week in March.  I noticed he had a pretty cool looking loadout plus during game play he had a pretty darn sweet thunder bee kill.  He landed a thunder bee in a group of about 4 guys in a last stand bunker situation.

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Airsoft Featured Player – Cowboy (Update)

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Cowboy doesn’t always wear a cowboy hat and plaid farmin shirts. Cowboy is someone that will wear a T-shirt and jeans to a game cause hes that relaxed with going out there and mixing it up. Its all about playing, diving into a cold puddle and gettin’ knife kills for him. Here is an update on one of his loadouts that shouts bad@$$.

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Having Success on YouTube – My Thoughts.

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I have received quite a few requests for help on beginning YouTube channels I thought I would go ahead and post this email modified to fit as a post for those who are interested in starting up on youtube.  It doesn’t cover quite everything you would need to know but has some helpful tips from my mind.  Diving right into my email are random tips and opinions about how I conduct my own YouTube studies in no particular order:

I will never subscribe to a channel that contains any kind of video game footage, such as minecraft or call of duty.  Just because my channel is all about airsoft, not video games, even though I love video games.

Some more tips: look at what people are doing out there and try to be unique, clear and concise in everything you say.  Also, I find most airsoft gear and gun reviews one of the most boring things to watch, even game videos for that matter, try and make your editing quick and snappy.

One of the biggest things I would maintain is consistency, you will make it far by making at least one video a week, but no more than three probably, you don’t want people to feel left out of the loop or falling behind, you want them to want more, you don’t want them to give up, or let them think they wont be able to catch up later, they may not want to after being buried in videos.

Keep your videos SHORT! try to make everything short as possible while giving the most information. people will come back for more if they aren’t dead from boredom already. Under 5 minutes is best, but way less is way better, the attention span of a typical youtuber is about 30 seconds. Until they start skipping ahead like crazy if the shot or image is the same, or is static. At least that’s how I feel.  The first 10 seconds will decide if someone stays to watch or leaves your video, that also goes for calls to action such as giving a thumbs up and some cases subscribing.  Along with hooking them interest wise, involve them, ask them to thumbs up and subscribe, otherwise people don’t, you have to ask to receive usually.  Asking and communicating usually involves manners and being nice too 😉 such things as please, make the “me” statements, let them into your space a little bit, let them know it would be helping you out, be honest.

I came across this review, even though it is longer than 5 minutes you can see how a true review should look and feel in my opinion.  There are breaks for funny things in the video granted the entire video could be way shorter, I was just entertained.  I’m not a fan of the swearing but was glad to hear they bleeped out the “F bombs”.  It just makes for a more friendly viewing experience when there isn’t swearing, granted I can swear with the best of em.

I was entertained enough to stay all the way till the end because there was constant movement (even though a bit shaky at times) with the camera, constant interaction was happening, it could have been tighter in editing but I was engaged more than most reviews.  That made me subscribe and want to see more.  Here’s a link to that review:

Be concise in what you say on camera, cut out the “Ummmms” and “likes”, its a time waster and incredibly painful to watch. Some people like to watch long drawn out videos, but I assure you its a low percentage.

If you’re making review videos,  try some new gear, stuff that is hard to get your hands on, play a game with it, borrow it if you have to (seeing how some new things can be expensive) (seems like people enjoy CQB guns quite a bit with all the indoor arenas around other states 😉  But I do know that people are looking to buy and just want to hear some good or bad news before they commit to a product.

Also, if you don’t have any content yet on your channel, put together a 30 second to a minute video introducing your channel, yourself and what your viewers can expect from you.  Be confident in your videos.  It will come across better and more professional, make sure to do your research on things too.  Let them know what they can expect, when new videos will be out, what day of the week, or at least how many videos to expect per week.

Techno babble: Make sure you do your recordings with decent lighting, and avoid the vertical video syndrome.  That’s what happens when people film vertically with their phone or iPod resulting in a skinny video with black on both sides.  That’s another thing I will avoid when looking at channels to sub to, I wont even touch them if I see a bunch of vertical videos in a row.  It’s just too annoying to even glimpse, and normally the content isn’t worth watching anyway.

These are only a few things off the top of my head but are pretty important to keep dedicated to.  Making videos can often be hard with all the things that go on in the week, but taking that time to be consistent pays off in the end, specially if you don’t throw any videos you make under the bus and just say, eh its good enough, watch your videos over and over again and ask yourself, If I wasn’t the one that made this, would I even care about watching it? then start hacking away at it, cut out the fat, make it lean and strong enough to stand out, take out pauses, make them funny, make them interesting, fill any in with music; which actually brings me to another huge important note, do  not  use  copyrighted  music!  YouTube will not take you serious, and/or either delete the video or render it without sound. You wont be making any money in the future with it, pretty much making it useless.  If you cant find royalty free music to use, don’t use any, or wait to put any in till you do.  Here is a link to music that I use in almost all my videos:

Im going to end this before it gets too long.

-Green out

If you have any more specific questions id be glad to answer them.

Harlem Shake (Original AirsoftUtah Edition)

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

There isn’t much more to say other than. Do the Harlem Shake!