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Airsoft Featured Player – Hades

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

— I Like presents the Airsoft featured player video series. Airsoft player: “Hades”, is a part of the Black Angels Recon team in Northern Utah. His kit includes multicam, a plate carrier, 1911 side arm and M4 type main weapon.

My interactions with with Alex, aka “Hades” and his team, Black Angels Recon, has been nothing but outstanding. The organization they have continually supported; Operation Underground Railroad have rescued children from sex slavery and have been been involved in their games and fund raising.

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

From Airsoft players them selves contributing and buying raffle tickets for donated gear by Airsoft retailers such as Weapon Blender Airsoft and Tactical Airsoft Supply, B.A.R. have raised enough money each time they hold these events that have gone to the actual real life orchestrated operations by these former navy seals, special operations and law enforcement specialists to rescue children from sex slavery. -Green

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Rhodesian Revolt 2014 – 2016 – Episode 4 – The Forgotten Files

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

For two years the “Forgotten Files” have been sleeping dormant within an old dusty hard drive buried deep under one of the bunks out at Weapon Blenders Sand Box in a lonely corner of the forward operating base.

A mine sweeper from delta squad uncovered it recently revealing many files that have now been edited into something that sort of resembles a story.  Is all of this fact? Not at all. However, besides the REAL fact that these forgotten files have now been cohesively edited into something resembling entertainment. It’s done! and I’m excited and happy to finally bring it to you guys. Enjoy it!


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Also, if you are reading this, then it must mean you read things and have noticed the grammatical errors in the video… Oh well too late for that, the video is uploaded, the deed done. get over it 😉

Stay Safe with Common Sense and Good Practices.

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

As Airsoft becomes more popular, the dilution of common safety practices seem to diminish just for the sheer fact that any and many kids start snatching those AEG’s off the shelf and start sprayin’, for those of us that transition to real firearms on the weekends or even every day practice, a constant discipline of muscle memory and safety typically flows through our veins, or, is that just some of us?

“Trooper” from Black Thorn Airsoft group recently published a public service announcement about recent law enforcement actions. I took note immediately at how much I agreed and wanted to share with anyone else interested.

There have been a string of humans that are either wanting their life to cease here on this earth or maybe forget that Airsoft guns appear just like the real thing and don’t take into consideration their outward appearance.

Those of us that play Airsoft more than a couple games a year and that take this activity seriously and really cherish the weekend BB war, want it to continue forever!


Post origin by “Trooper” from Black Thorn Airsoft facebook page:

“Recently BTA has been repeatedly contacted regarding this local fatal shooting where an individual brandished an airsoft rifle at police officers and the subsequent government proposal to prohibit “realistic toy guns”. We have been asked to speak out about proper “gun safety” and such.

Quite frankly there is not much to say. No amount of firearm safety, weapon bags, orange tips, or even common sense could have helped. According to police reports in the media, the individual was already involved in a domestic disturbance, threatened officers with ramming, endangered people by driving over lawns, led a pursuit, then ultimately pulled what police perceived as a real firearm… leading to being fatally shot. Why he did what he did is not up for me or any of us to speculate or debate… what’s done is done, he acted poorly and cannot “take it back”. Hopefully, the officer(s) involved are cleared of any wrong doing as it was the deceased’s decision to threaten officers

If it’s accidental shootings you wish to avoid, that is simple…

Transport your firearms, both real steel and airsoft in secure cases. Firstly, it protects your weapons… something you likely invested a decent amount of money in. Secondly, a case keeps your weapons from being spotted by passersby… some who may become concerned by the sight of a weapon, some who may target you or your weapon for theft. Don’t bore us with “open carry” laws or second amendment rights… you are simply transporting your weapon. Better to be secure than a victim of theft, embroiled in unnecessary drama, or dead.

Do not brandish your weapons in public. Load them into vehicles in cases. Keep them in vehicles at meet-up points before games. Store them in your vehicles out of sight, in trunks, covered if necessary. Again, to prevent them from being seen or stolen.

IF you are seen by law enforcement with a firearm or airsoft replica… put it down, drop it, keep your hands away from it, obey the officer’s commands until they understand what is going on and that the situation is safe. LE has a hard enough job dealing with real threats and many other problems they don’t need misunderstandings over toy “guns” to make things worse.

To be sure you are doing the right things follow basic “gun safety”… Treat all firearms as if they are loaded and only point the muzzle at what you intend to shoot. Everything else is just common sense and technical details. Search the internet for a lot more safety tips.

As for “orange tips” or brightly colored weapons… It is a federal law for manufacturers regarding the sale and shipment of “toy” weapons. It is no longer applicable after the toy is sold. It is a ridiculous attempt to identify toys as fake… there are already criminals painting real firearms to confuse LE and manufacturers producing “real steel” weapons in a variety of bright colors. Hell, there are even clear plastic real weapons being produced. All of which make “orange tips” irrelevant.

Regarding fighting the government over “air soft”… you can’t. Sign petitions and contact representatives, every little bit helps… but in the end someone needs to take a fall for “stupid people”. No one is going to pay much attention to people who play with “toy guns”. The NRA and other “gun rights” groups are not going to stick their neck out over “toys”. They already have their hands full over real firearms rights.

The quickest way to protect “air soft” is to get it protected under already existing laws. Air soft needs to be classified as “Air Guns”. Air Guns have their own separate set of laws and ordinances… separate from firearms. Contact manufacturers; contact your retailers to contact manufacturers. Ultimately it’s going to be about money… not rights. Manufacturers and retailers have more to lose than us!”

Milsim City CQB Airsoft Arena in Utah

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of guys who have brought something pretty unique to the Airsoft scene here in Utah.

This ambitious group have been slowly making their dreams a reality by building something massive in scope for Airsofters and for the tactical enthusiasts alike.

I wanted to understand them more and put a face to the guys that are behind Milsim City.

I went over to their place to see for myself, I was impressed!

Milsim City is a Indoor air soft arena. Located in Salt Lake City Utah. Set to open January 23, 2015

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Black Angels Recon Join Forces with Operation Underground Railroad

Airsoft Featured Player – Aftermath

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Black Angels Recon Join Forces with Operation Underground Railroad

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Operation Underground Railroad is a private non-profit organization consisting of ex military and federal agents that went to the private sector to take on this somewhat, “out of sight out of mind” epidemic of child sex slavery.

Their goal is to save these children by raising money from anyone concerned enough to donate.  Black Angels Recon Airsoft group wanted to get on board with this heroic effort made by O.U.R..

$10 dollars got you into their game: “Operation Abolitionist”. as well as ten chances to win prizes at the event.  Donations by Airsofters reached as high as $100 dollars and every penny was donated to Operation Underground Railroad in efforts to rescue these enslaved children from all over the world.

Just over a thousand dollars was donated from this Airsoft event which equals out to a future operation that will literally save one child from sex slavery.  Congratulations Black Angels Recon!

To donate to their great cause, visit Operation Underground Railroad online:

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Operation DOOM 2014 – Airsoft Trailer

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

On October 11th 2014, the dead walk! Don’t run, or else, they run! Black Thorn Airsoft presents: Operation Doom-2014 a Zombie Airsoft game.

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Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Accepted by Shades

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Shades was issued a challenge of dumping ice water on his head. He did it, Green filmed it. There was actually more ice than Green had in his bucket but it just didn’t seem to show up on camera.

He also issued a few challenges to some inter-webs folks on the Tubes. I wonder if they will even hear the plea of our beloved Shadesies.

I do know that this challenge was originally issued by a guy on facebook that has ALS to dump ice water over your head. It has turned into quite a phenomenon, I know that the challenges keep getting skewed by many people making videos so Im not sure that were even doing it right. Sometimes we just do as were told, we just gotta show up to a challenge, at least now and then.

Read more about ALS here:

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Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Accepted – AirsoftUtah

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Kfactor39 issued one of these ice bucket challenges that everyone and their dog is apparently doing, I thought I suppose I had better at least try to live up to the challenge. I had said some thoughts about ALS in the video but I cut them because I just look like a tool talking about stuff on camera. However, I am glad I took the time to find out a little bit more about this debilitating disease also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.

For more information on ALS I went here:

On the right hand side of the screen you will notice thermal imaging that took place at the same time I was filmed on camera, this cool little device is known as the “FLIR One”, more on this device can be found here:

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