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Airsoft Featured Player – Hades

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

— I Like presents the Airsoft featured player video series. Airsoft player: “Hades”, is a part of the Black Angels Recon team in Northern Utah. His kit includes multicam, a plate carrier, 1911 side arm and M4 type main weapon.

My interactions with with Alex, aka “Hades” and his team, Black Angels Recon, has been nothing but outstanding. The organization they have continually supported; Operation Underground Railroad have rescued children from sex slavery and have been been involved in their games and fund raising.

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

From Airsoft players them selves contributing and buying raffle tickets for donated gear by Airsoft retailers such as Weapon Blender Airsoft and Tactical Airsoft Supply, B.A.R. have raised enough money each time they hold these events that have gone to the actual real life orchestrated operations by these former navy seals, special operations and law enforcement specialists to rescue children from sex slavery. -Green

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— Echo One Announces Natural Wood Airsoft BB’s

Friday, April 1st, 2011 announced Friday that they will be offering an all natural solution to Airsoft BB’s, in flavors such as Balsa (.20), Cherry(.23), Spruce Oak(.25) and Manzanita(.28) which I prefer for sniping.  I was given an opportunity to get my hands on a bag of these little wooden gems for a test fire, and no pun intended but at 473fps they started smoking, and even left little smoke trails almost like tracer units, it looked like I was firing a rail gun even, pretty boss until I noticed a small fire near the target I was shooting at…  You definitely cannot use these in a high fps gun at full auto!  However the smell of the smoke after firing the various types of wood is rather pleasant.   Get a bag for yourself at

Echo 1 All Natural Wood Airsoft BB's

Echo 1 All Natural Wood Airsoft BB's