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Airsoft Featured Player Update – Ghost

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

I like Airsoft,com presents Airsoft Featured Player: Ghost.


This is the second video made featuring “Ghost” and his load out kit.  Being in the desert he chooses the DCU or tri color desert camouflage.


He is a team leader and founder of the Black Thorn Airsoft group.

Ghost is also known for his jaw dropping costume creations made from E.V.A. foam and various other recycled items.


His fan art costumes include the Iron Man “Mark 1′, “Mark 42”, “War Machine”, Halo’s “Master Chief” and other pretty amazing art pieces such as Gurdians of the Galaxy’s “Groot”.

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Ghost also works in video and film productions in various positions such as prop master and crafts some pretty realistic and visually pleasing weapon creations for modern and science fiction movies.


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Airsoft Featured Player – Aftermath

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

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Airsoft Featured Player – Too Tall

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

I got a chance to roll out with “Too Tall” during a game as I was filming and to see him interact with his other counterparts was a well varied temperament in game play and communication. He has his relaxed side but also knows when to kick it into pro mode when the time calls for it.

“Too Tall” is just that, I can assume he got his call sign from his height because I stand at six feet and I was still looking up to him. The gear he uses is pro Airsoft operator all the way; in looks and function. He plays with a local team here in Utah called Black Ops Elite, or BOE for short.

Team Black Ops Elite has been involved in airsoft since 2006. They are looking for like minded airsoft operators to engage in combat simulated war-games.

Black Ops Elite Special Forces primary purpose is to maintain an elite airsoft fighting unit. We organize our events and community with respect, integrity and safety to achieve this goal.

Team Black Ops Elite hosts airsoft operations on a bi-weekly schedule in Utah. They also attend nation events like the Lion Claws Mil-Sim series. Details regarding BOE operations as well as community activity can be found at

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Airsoft Featured Zombies – Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

When you are new in the zombie family someone has to teach you the ropes. This Walking Dead group has to learn by example.

Happy Halloween from I Like

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Airsoft Featured Player – Flecktarn

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Here is another unique addition to the Featured Player lineup.  “Flectarn” or by “Fleck”, who plays for the “Danger Close” Airsoft team.  He sports of course–you guessed it, German flectarn camouflage along with other various Euro style accoutrements, such as a full size G36 rifle.

Flecktarn was stationed in England with the Air Force in 2003 and started playing Airsoft with some friends out behind his house on some open acreage.  He came back to the states and sort of fell out after leaving the Airforce.  But then got back into it to keep in a good physical shape, he has been able to keep about 20lbs off by continuing the sport every weekend.

He likes to play with his squad without keeping to tightly grouped to avoid heavy incoming fire. He enjoys getting into the thick of the fight but makes sure he keeps some kind of advantage.  He isn’t too interested in sniping because of the patience it requires of himself.

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Airsoft Featured Player – 2-Shoes

Friday, May 16th, 2014

I found 2-Shoes to be a great team player.  Also found him coming out of the shadows at us as the enemy a couple times and was surprised.  His technique of holding his shotgun as an arm guard during a knife attacked also seemed like a cool idea.

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Airsoft featured player Michael, he’s a cool laid back guy!

Airsoft Featured Player – Michael

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

I met Michael during an airsoft game. There were four of us that kindof grouped up randomly during some fire fights and turned out to be a good decision. We setup several successful ambushes and were also on the hunt. His team building and communication skills were a welcome addition to the day of tactics.

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Airsoft Featured Player – Shades – Update #2

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Shades is back with almost completely new gear so of course we had to report on it.  Sporting a mostly multicam loadout, Shades goes into details about his various goodies.

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