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Haunted House Airsoft Game – Winter Soldiers – Fear Factory Un Cut

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Black Thorn Airsoft held a private game at the Fear Factory haunted house in Salt Lake City.

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This is an un cut video, meaning that it is pretty much the raw footage straight off the camera, with only seconds here and there cut out.  I know some of you may appreciate seeing moments that shape the games you play that aren’t always the most action packed.

Filmed on my iPhone 6s.  Stabilized while I shot by the “Dragon Fly” handheld stabilizer by Digital Juice, I recommend it highly, its a very simple and easy to use piece of equipment.

Raw Airsoft Battle Uncut – Operation Trick-Or-Treat

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Zombie Clown Commandos and Tactical Bananas were seen on the battlefront at Black Thorn Airsoft’s Operation “Trick-or-Treat”.

Of course lots off BB’s slung, and I’d say the majority by “Cowboy”, it was his birthday after all so I thought gratuitous Cowboy/M249 Bravo coverage was in order. Happy Birthday mah friend!

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Cowboy was the one featured in: Airsoft Act of Valor

You can see cowboy in plenty of other videos by AirsoftUtah, just keep a keen eye out, you can’t miss him.  Airsoft isn’t quite the same without “Cowboy”!

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Shot and edited on the iPhone 6s

Milsim City CQB Airsoft Arena in Utah

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of guys who have brought something pretty unique to the Airsoft scene here in Utah.

This ambitious group have been slowly making their dreams a reality by building something massive in scope for Airsofters and for the tactical enthusiasts alike.

I wanted to understand them more and put a face to the guys that are behind Milsim City.

I went over to their place to see for myself, I was impressed!

Milsim City is a Indoor air soft arena. Located in Salt Lake City Utah. Set to open January 23, 2015

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Video Links in this video:

Black Angels Recon Join Forces with Operation Underground Railroad

Airsoft Featured Player – Aftermath

Music by Digital Juice inc.

The Rhodesian Revolt 2013 – Episode 5

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

The Rhodesian Revolt continues with the second day on the 400 acre playing field!  Hosted by Weapon Blender Airsoft.  Episode 5 focuses on more of the activity that took place on and around the rebel Catina.

The Rhodesian Republic Army along side the rebels brace for the on coming siege of coalition agencies.

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Airsoft Utah Trailer – Subscribe!

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Airsoft Utah is a channel all about the sport of Airsoft.

Airsoft is a game of honor, team building and dressing the part for a team or as an individual. To have fun, to look cool and improve your skills. It is competitive and in Utah, normally objective based. Airsoft in Utah is unmatched.  Having nearly every climate in the world here in one state makes airsoft different each and every game!

Most of the videos you will find here on AirsoftUtah YouTube are “Featured Player” or, load out videos, where we focus on a single player and their gear. From head to toe they explain it and how they use it, how they like it and how they play their game.  Other lineups include “Find the Sniper” where an Airsoft sniper; call sign “K-factor” hides and as the viewer you try to find him in each natural setting before he takes his shot.

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Juggernaut Airsoft Game – Time to Run!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

The Juggernaut game aka “Operation May the Fourth be with You” was executed in May 2013. Black Thorn Airsoft Hosted the event. Team command “Ghost”, led some of the games, which happened to involve himself as his alter ego: “Juggernaut”. The games were a blast! specially because everyone got blasted trying to get the Juggernaut on their team.  There was more to the games than just shooting each other too, they were objective based, it was basically capture the flag with a juggernaut thrown in the middle of things to make it more interesting.

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Airsoft Game – Operation: “Tall Grass”

Friday, August 26th, 2011
Op "Tall Grass" Mushroom

Op "Tall Grass" Mushroom(Bigger than both my fists) that Old School discovered.

August 6th, 2011; a different scene from Utah’s hot and dry desert strikes us today.  The plush greenery of northern Utah’s woodland retreat near the cascade mountain range at close to 8,000 feet in elevation was the backdrop for this operation.

As the title understates, the “Tall Grass” was consuming.  Take a knee most places on one of the three playing fields and you were gone.  With a pleasant sight around every bend I was compelled to stop for intermission, at least for just a short moment amidst the shower of airsoft ammo flying through the air.

If you keep your eyes peeled at the beginning of the video you can actually see someone getting devoured by the “Tall Grass”, I think he made it out of there okay though. 😀

Photos for this operation can be found on the Operation “Tall-Grass” Pictures post.  The games in the video involved either knocking down a flag and/or putting one up by the opposing team. Please watch and enjoy!

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Airsoft Game – Operation: “Shafted”

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

July 30th 2011 was the date for Black Thorn Airsofts’ game; “Operation Shafted”.  Some abandoned yet covered mines in Utah’s west desert was the backdrop for this A.O.  The first game covered by was a VIP game where a VIP had to be transported somewhere, I don’t remember exactly how the game went, but basically he was supposed to be escorted through the badlands.  There was a surprise twist to this game as well, randomly several players during the game were instructed secretly to abandon their team and become traitors to mix things up, everyone was instructed that something was going to happen but that was the only official information.  There were rumors around the teams started by team members that there would be traitors.  The games were allot of fun, the second one was about taking the hill emplacement, the action in the video can speak for itself.  Also, Black Thorns own: “Old School” was featured that day, check him out on’s “Featured Player“.

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Pictures from this op can be found here.