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Airsoft Featured Player – Nomad –

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


“Nomad” has a load out that I noticed at game held by Black Thorn Airsoft and I thought it would make for a good featured video.

He is also a team member of BTA.  He and I were on a team together during a scenario game and I observed that we were able to cohesively maneuver with other team mates easily and I find that his situational awareness allowed him to do that quickly.  When an issue presented itself, we we able to free ourselves from a possible ambush.  Clearing rooms, checking corners, covering each other and actually succeeding in holding an area for quite a while with an onslaught of opposing forces as a squad type unit was possible because of players like Nomad.  That over his kit was reason enough to feature him.  My favorite part of his kit is the 3 to 4 grenades he carries. That is something to celebrate, specially during the game!

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Kfactors Scope Cam #39

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Our buddy “Kfactor39” has made his 39th scope cam! hey what a coincidence! (39)  We play with Kfactor all the time, he’s a pretty good shot.  Normally Kfactor is seen building up his Ghillie suit and then we don’t see him the rest of the day because he melts into the grass and woods.  Subscribe to Kfactor: Kfactor39’s YouTube Channel


Airsoft Featured Player – Aftermath

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

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Featured Player – Dylan

Featured Player – Radar

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Airsoft Featured Player – Dylan

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Featured Airsoft player Dylan is all about having fun, spending a few hours with some friends playing Airsoft and being able to educate curious players with his knowledge about the American Expeditionary Forces during World War 1.

Dylan’s load out is based off of the AEF Doughboy. One of the most recognizable pieces of his gear would have be the iconic look of the Brodie helmet.  Modeled and adopted off the British Mk 1 helmet of 1916. It’s been called the Tin Hat, Salad Bowl, Dishpan hat and many other terms but mostly known as the Doughboy Helmet.

The ICS M1 Garand AEG is Dylan’s primary weapon, not a weapon of the first world war, but chosen because of its more “skirmishable” capability. His secondary weapon is a double action Co2 powered Nagant revolver.

“The contribution of the US army into the first world war is overlooked quite a bit in American history”, “I find it important to express the amount of lives and effort that the US put into the first World War and it should not be overlooked”, “It’s a nice opportunity to educate people about the US contribution in the first World War”. – Dylan

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Tommy Tart


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Walking Dead Zombie Airsoft Game – Operation Doom 2014

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

— I Like presents a Black Thorn Airsoft game.  On October 11th-walk, don’t run-or else, they run!  Operation Doom-2014 a walking dead zombie Airsoft game.

Some did run unfortunately for them that meant that the re animated dead were also able to as well and the outcome was not in the favor of the living.

The thing about slow zombies is that they are quite and they appear where least expected.

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Poster art thumbnails that I made for the video:




The Black Cauldron group was also out of the field causing chaos between the living factions.
More on that in the AAR below 😉


Black Cauldron Group. Operation Doom-2014

Some other guys that were out on the field recorded and edited a video of their own as well, watch–The first video from “Kfactor39″. You may know him from our “Find the Sniper” series. Subscribe to him!:

Here is my favorite frame from Kfactors video:


This next one is from “Red Beard”.

Here’s another one by “The Grinch”

(If you have a video you would like to share from Operation Doom-2014, Contact Green on the “I Like Airsoft Facebook page“.)

Black Thorn Airsoft’s AAR report is as follows from their website. This is the “After Action Report”, It’s everything that happened in the games that day, the link to the source article is here:
AAR – 10-11-2014 Op. “DOOM 2014” @ “The Outpost”

BTA’s 7th Annual Zombie-Game was another success! Most everyone was very outgoing and seemed to enjoy themselves. I continue to receive a lot of positive feedback and even quality ideas to use in future BTA zombie-games!

BTA zombie games are not scripted. Each wave has a loose scenario with objectives the players must follow. How they accomplish them is up to their skills and tactics. Interaction/allegiances between the different living “teams” is left up to them. The success or failure of the players dictates how they are rewarded or punished in the following rounds. I could mean the difference between having numbers, ammo, supplies, even how many opponants they will face… or what they lose! BTA zombies are not merely targets… they are unarmed, walking, “players” with only one goal… wiping out the “living” players!

A Survivor/Military supply plane was reported making an emergency landing. Just prior it was observed that it had jettisoned its cargo, scattering much needed supplies throughout the zombie infested area.

Two more survivor teams (Civilians & Slayers) moved to the crash site to seek out the downed plane for its crew and information about the whereabouts of its dropped cargo. Some ignored the crash site and went directly for supplies.

An alliance between the civilians and military was cut short when the military turned on the civilians shooting them and taking their supplies!

With new supplies in hand the three surviving factions feel out each other’s camp defenses while trying to confiscate their opponent’s supplies! The Military survivors swept the field effectively taking out the opponent camps while remaining on the run from the ever-present zombies!

Starting on opposite ends the Military and Slayer survivor teams must follow a marked path infested with zombies to a preset destination while avoiding a BCO hit-squad!

BCO is once again dispatched to the area to recover the remains of the infected for testing. The remaining zombies pushed the survivors back hard leaving the field clear for BCO to gather their prize! I may have overestimated the strength of the survivors, or underestimated the zombies!?

Between games players were welcome to enjoy the BTA zombie-game shooting gallery! The gallery consisted of some cardboard targets and a life size paper-mache zombie created by BTA founder Ghost! 10 consecutive hits to the plate target (without missing) earned shooters a treat!

After the games we held a modest RAFFLE & COSTUME CONTEST! Prizes were provided by BTA water, dead-rag, and hot-dog sales… as well as charitable donations by members and valuable BTA supporter Green and Shades of!!!

Watch the BTA web site AWARDS page for details on the prizes and winners… coming soon!

Thanks to my fellow command team for arriving early to help set up!

More thanks to the BTA team members who stayed late to help in the field clean-up!

Special thanks to all those who donated towards the prizes!

As always, very special thanks to everyone who played with a great attitude making this another great BTA event!!!

Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Accepted – AirsoftUtah

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Kfactor39 issued one of these ice bucket challenges that everyone and their dog is apparently doing, I thought I suppose I had better at least try to live up to the challenge. I had said some thoughts about ALS in the video but I cut them because I just look like a tool talking about stuff on camera. However, I am glad I took the time to find out a little bit more about this debilitating disease also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.

For more information on ALS I went here:

On the right hand side of the screen you will notice thermal imaging that took place at the same time I was filmed on camera, this cool little device is known as the “FLIR One”, more on this device can be found here:

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Rhodesian Revolt 2014 – Massive Airsoft Event

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Weapon Blender Airsoft and the brothers who run the place, namely Kelly and Travis Monson put on this large, once a year Airsoft event called the Rhodesian Revolt. More on the event can be found on their website at

About 230 people showed up to the event encompassing the Coalition, BRG (Black River Group) and the Rebels known as the 5th column. The first day consisted of arriving to check in, chono’ing guns, getting camping situated, receiving maps and and various tid bits of info. Then that night everyone met together in the neutral zone(so to speak) to hear command speak and to get teams and rules situated. Then in the morning, BRG and Fifth Column left to their prospective base command areas for training or whatever they did and coalition was still in essentially the neutral zone training with their squads for each assignment: Assault, Support, Engineer, Sniper and Medic. Utah’s Army National Guard was on hand to give the coalition players training in formation and squad tactics as well as drive Humvees during game play for the two day event.

After training in all the MOS, equipment and comms, coalition packed all their gear into the military vehicles and started their journey to the forward operating base in hostile territory. This video account follows Delta squad from training and into battle.

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This game was held by Weapon Blender Airsoft

Watch last years Rhodesian Revolt videos, 1-5

The next episode of the Rhodesian Revolt Airsoft game is COMING SOON!

Happy Birthday from Battlefield Friends and AirsoftUtah – Shades!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Michael, or Shades as he’s known on the Airsoft field turned 22 on July 21st! Happy Birthday Shades!

Shades is the face of the AirsoftUtah YouTube channel as well as this (I Like Airsoft) website and facebook page at

I would like to give a hearty Happy Birthday wish to him and so would the guys from Battlefield Friends!

This Happy Birthday song belongs to Hank and Jed Pictures, inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Happy Birthday Michael “Shades”!