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Airsoft Utah Trailer – Subscribe!

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Airsoft Utah is a channel all about the sport of Airsoft.

Airsoft is a game of honor, team building and dressing the part for a team or as an individual. To have fun, to look cool and improve your skills. It is competitive and in Utah, normally objective based. Airsoft in Utah is unmatched.  Having nearly every climate in the world here in one state makes airsoft different each and every game!

Most of the videos you will find here on AirsoftUtah YouTube are “Featured Player” or, load out videos, where we focus on a single player and their gear. From head to toe they explain it and how they use it, how they like it and how they play their game.  Other lineups include “Find the Sniper” where an Airsoft sniper; call sign “K-factor” hides and as the viewer you try to find him in each natural setting before he takes his shot.

Airsoft games, Tactical gear giveaways, reviews and more are found here on Airsoft Utah’s YouTube channel, Please Subscribe!

Visit our facebook page where we post things not always seen here on the tubes!


Gear Giveaway Contest 2 – Wrist Watch

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Hey guys time for my second gear giveaway.  This time the prize is a fast fit camouflage velcro wrist watch.  Its a no name watch but I have really enjoyed it over the past months.  It has a stop watch timer, blue light up dial, alarm and tells the day of the week too.  Watch the following video on how to win!

Please make sure to follow the instructions so there wont be anything holding you back from winning. Thanks guys!

You will need to visit this video on YouTube to comment, rate and subscribe: