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Airsoft Featured Player – Hades

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

— I Like presents the Airsoft featured player video series. Airsoft player: “Hades”, is a part of the Black Angels Recon team in Northern Utah. His kit includes multicam, a plate carrier, 1911 side arm and M4 type main weapon.

My interactions with with Alex, aka “Hades” and his team, Black Angels Recon, has been nothing but outstanding. The organization they have continually supported; Operation Underground Railroad have rescued children from sex slavery and have been been involved in their games and fund raising.

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

From Airsoft players them selves contributing and buying raffle tickets for donated gear by Airsoft retailers such as Weapon Blender Airsoft and Tactical Airsoft Supply, B.A.R. have raised enough money each time they hold these events that have gone to the actual real life orchestrated operations by these former navy seals, special operations and law enforcement specialists to rescue children from sex slavery. -Green

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Tactical Gear Giveaway Winner #2

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

The second winner of the Tactical Gear Giveaway held by AirsoftUtah and Weapon Blender Airsoft has been awarded!  What did he get though?  Here is his unboxing video, I Would probably just call it an unveiling since there was no box involved.  Good nonetheless and we appreciate when winners make these videos, cause it really lets us all know that the contests are real! Check out the winners channel as well *Spoiler alert! Spetsnaz1220.  For that matter, check out our first winners channel as well: AirsoftReviewerHD.

Winner #2 of 4 – Tactical Gear Giveaway 2013

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

It’s late, we’ve had a team of monkeys workin’ round the clock to crack the code and scour the list of entries for winner #2 of 4 for the Tactical Gear giveaway 2013. They finally threw just the right amount of dung and made this video explaining it all!  Congrats to the winner! THERE ARE TWO MORE TO GO! You still have a chance to win, follow the annotation at the end of this video to enter!

Airsoft Gear Giveaway Contest 3 – Winner Announced

Friday, December 30th, 2011

The “Airsoft Gear Giveaway Contest 3 – Half Mesh Mask” Winner announced!

Congratulations to the winner of the I Like Bravo half wire mesh face mask giveaway contest! The winner was picked from 714 comments left by channel users all over the world.  Find out who wins, as airsoft player “Shades” picks the destined owner of the Bravo V.1 steel mesh half mask (BLACK)

Bravo V.1 steel mesh half mask (BLACK)

Bravo V.1 steel mesh half mask (BLACK)

This contest was made possible by the doods at:

Airsoft Gear Giveaway Contest 3 – Half Mesh Mask

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Merry Christmas from! Well, here’s yet another airsoft gear giveaway contest. Thanks much to Weapon Blender for supplying us with the gear to make this giveaway contest a reality!  Watch the video and follow the steps to win this Bravo V.1 steel mesh half mask (BLACK)

Bravo V.1 steel mesh half mask (BLACK)

Bravo V.1 steel mesh half mask (BLACK)

You can buy this mask on Weapon Blenders site along with tons of other tactical gear


Airsoft Featured Player – “Shades”

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This weeks featured airsoft player is Mike aka Shades.  Shades is the type of player to stick with a plan and execute it faithfully for his team.  The 52nd Squadron is the team he rolls with most of the time but is always willing to join up with any team during a game and play hard with success in mind.  “I like to stick with the 52nd squad because I don’t like “Lonewolfing” much, I don’t see much fun in that, plus when you’re out there all by your self, there isn’t anyone to medic you and that’s just a bummer waiting out there alone”.  Shades can be seen in many of AirsoftUtah‘s action packed game play videos running headlong into battle and being “Crassaay!”.

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Tactical Wrist Watch Giveaway Winner!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Congratulations to the winner of the tactical wrist watch giveaway contest!  Watch the following video for details on the winner.  Unfortunately the winner did not share this contest on facebook so no extra prizes will be awarded, keep that in mind to all you future contest entrees that sharing can get you more prizes.  Thanks to all the new participants and subscribers!  Weapon has already joined up again for another gear giveaway, so stay tuned to AirsoftUtah for more giveaways contests soon!

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Airsoft Featured Player – “Circus”

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

This weeks Airsoft featured player is call sign: “Circus”.  He and his friends make up the “Four Horseman”; an airsoft squadron not to be reckoned with.  I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I will normally pick players I see up front and engaging the enemy at nearly every turn.  That is where I typically say, he can normally be found front and center charging headlong into battle with his team. “Friendly“, being one of the Horsemen was featured months back as well, give him a watch too.  If you keep an eye out in some of AirsoftUtah‘s videos you will see these guys working as a team every time, they are allot of fun and I, on more than one occasion will hear them yelling out and just being goofy such as doing Schwarzenegger impersonations at the top of their lungs, which is so needed in this sport where sometimes skirmishes can get a bit heated.  All in all, the “Four Horsemen” are a blast to play with and they definitely enjoy teaming up with other squads for some serious kick butt.  Please make sure to comment, rate and subscribe.  Of course you are the ultimate ilikeairsoft fan if you favorite too 😀  Thanks fellaz!

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